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Measuring Guide

Ring Size Guide

*Please note that this is only a guide and we advise all customers to visit our store at KEDAI CINCIN AMPANG to get an accurate measurement of your ring size. We follow standard US sizing.

**Size vary on different designs. Rings with wider/thicker bands will fit a bit tighter. Consider going up a size when buying a wide design ring especially for men’s ring.

Measure Without a Ring (diameter)

How to measure size of rings for engagement rings?

1. Cut a thin strip of paper

How to measure size of rings for couple rings?

2. Wrap the paper around your finger.
Make sure it's snug.

How to measure size of rings for engagement rings?

3. Mark with a pen where the two ends meet.

How to measure size of rings for wedding rings?

4. Measure length on a ruler from tip to pen mark.

*Make sure you are measuring the finger you intend to wear the ring on. Alternatively, you use a tape measure directly on your finger. Refer to size
chart below for your size.

**Always refer to the Centimeter/Millimeter side because it is the most accurate on rings.

Measure With a Ring (inner ring)

How to measure ring size?

Put the ring on a ruler (centimeter side). Make sure it sits from 0 and that you are measuring the inside diameter not the outside. Refer to size chart below for your size.

Size Chart

4.5CM – 4.9CM1.5CM5US4US
5.0CM – 5.5CM1.6CM6US5US
5.6CM – 5.9CM1.7CM7US6US
6.0CM – 6.4CM1.8CM8US7US
6.5CM – 6.9CM1.9CM9US8US
7.0CM – 7.3CM2.0CM10US9US
7.4CM – 7.8CM2.1CM11US10US
7.9CM – 8.3CM2.2CM12US11US
8.4CM – 8.6CM2.3CM13US12US
8.7CM – 9.1CM2.4CM14US13US

Refer to below chart for Asia size according to the US size above.

5US9, 10, 11
6US12, 13
7US14, 15, 16
8US17, 18
9US19, 20, 21
10US22, 23
11US24, 25
12US26, 27, 28
13US29, 30, 31
14US32, 33, 34

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